Fandango just released a jaw-dropping new image from the huge new film Meg 2: Ditchthe long-awaited sequel to the 2018 film Meg. And based on the new image, it looks like viewers can expect quite the over-the-top action and some hamstring injuries. Jason Statham heroic of the new film.

Meg originally hit theaters in 2018. Based on 1997 Steve Alten novel Meg: Deep Terror Novel, the film tells the story of rescue diver Jonas Taylor, played by Statham, who has to confront a megalodon shark, once thought to be extinct, on an underwater rescue mission. This film is an intense mix of goofy and horror action sequences to be made Mouth shake their figuratively boots (because sharks can’t actually wear boots, they don’t have feet). A sometimes goofy action film, this film is the perfect vehicle for the sometimes campy but always adept Jason Statham.


Meg 2: Ditch based on Alten’s 1999 follow-up novel in Mega series. This film follows Jonas Taylor on a deep sea exploration mission. However, their job is threatened when an ocean mining operation threatens their mission and unleashes a colossal horde of prehistoric sharks and other creatures which they must fight using only their grit and strategy skills. Earlier this month, a trailer was released for the film, showing how epic Statham’s latest fight against a prehistoric shark will get.

mega 2
Image via Fandango


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Action Hero in Jaws of Death

New image, released today exclusively for Fandango, showing a very intense moment in the upcoming film. In the picture, Jonas Taylor is pressed against a collapsing pier. He survives for life, confronted by the gigantic maws of a giant shark. He stretched out a leg, pressing down on the gigantic creature, which was held down by only a few chains. Statham wore a determined face in the face of a seemingly helpless situation. The new stills show intense action sequences, which can only leave viewers wanting more.

Mega 2 directed by Ben Wheatley. This film was written by Jon Hoeber, Erich HoeberAnd Dean George. Together with Jason Statham, this film also stars Curtis Cliff, WujingAnd Kennedy Page among others. But you’ll have to wait until August to see how Statham deals with this sticky situation. Until then, you can check out some other amazing shark movies.

Mega 2 will be released in theaters on August 4. Check out the trailer below:

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