When Lightning movies are getting all the attention lately as DC fans get closer to its release, The Scarlet Speedster also passed another major milestone on television this week. After nine seasons and 184 episodes, Lightning The CW series completed a decade-long marathon. As such, Season 9 was another big celebration of the series with many legacy guests from across the DC Multiverse popping up. This includes Stephen Amell who played Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow Arrows for eight seasons alongside all crossovers on its spin-off series Lightning, Future Legend, BatwomanAnd supergirl. Amell’s Emerald Archer started out being dubbed the “Arrowverse” and, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the beloved actor has reflected on his time with DC.


The Flash Has Not Failed His City

Since Lightning was the last installment in the Arrowverse to its end, its main focus being on the fastest man alive. It’s only natural since then Give GustinBarry Allen aka Flash emerged from Arrows in a two-part Christmas episode of its second season. It was originally going to be a back door pilot for the previous series That flash accept traditional pilots. Amell explained that the large scope of Barry’s origin would require more time to develop. The goal at the end of the day is to Lightning to allow the universe to evolve into the Justice League. As Amell says, “And that’s exactly what they did. They followed up. I mean I think DC gets a lot of s for not building this interconnected universe. I just think people need to see what they do on TV.”

Amell also praised Gustin saying, “I know I overdid it but when he is ready he just has that energy. I think back to the first time Oliver and Barry interacted, I think I discovered something in the character by working with Grant that I hadn’t discovered before. The DC star will show that his brutal hero is a man of few words, especially when compared to the Flash’s dialogue and heavy science backstory. This made Gustin’s work a unique challenge with the actor even changing the way Amell approached Oliver, stating:

“When I came back and I saw the first season Arrows in particular, this was a really difficult watch for me because they wanted so badly for Oliver to be this knocked out, this PTSD-suffering, this solitary figure, and it’s not until later seasons that I feel like I fully realized what I could be. with character. As for me, it looks like Grant is coming in in perfect form, which is very impressive.”

Grant Gustin as Barry Allan on CW's The Flash
Image via The CW

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Amell also spoke about the first time he shot Lightning which was the previously mentioned pilot episode. The scene in which Oliver gives Barry his iconic superhero identity ends up being one of his favorite scenes he shoots with Gustin. Another favorite of his is the bar scene from the “Elseworlds” crossover which is later honored in Oliver’s final appearance in the Arrowverse in this final season. flash. Amell recalls:

“I told him [Eric Wallace, the showrunner of Flash] that my favorite scene we ever shot in the crossover, besides my favorite scene in the pilot, was Barry and Oliver having a drink in a bar. And he wrote this beautiful scene of us both sitting there drinking beers [for Oliver’s return in season 9]. If you go back and you really pay attention to the dialogue, that’s pretty much the verbatim I said to him in the pilot Lightning. It was a really neat full circle moment.

The aforementioned Elseworlds crossover is also the first time Flash and Green Arrow have interacted Tyler HoechlinSuperman and Ruby RoseBatwoman. “I remember it for my first performance Lightning. I remember it the first time Oliver and Barry interacted with Superman for the first time and Supergirl”, said Amell and continued, “I mean come on. That I feel like a child, a dream come true. Then Grant and Melissa [Benoist]and me going to Chicago to shoot Ruby Rose’s introduction scene as Batwoman is a pretty unique scenario. When asked how he felt knowing Flash was the finish line for the Arrowverse, Amell simply replied, “Great”. He went on to say, “I’m happy that we were able to be a small part of it. Maybe they should change the name, because I’m done.”

The Bitter End of the Arrowverse

Even though fans have known the fate of the Arrowverse for a while, it’s still hard to believe that this incredible DC era is coming to an end. Arrows change the landscape of television with Lightning elevating the superhero genre on the small screen to its maximum potential. While there are many keys to the success of this universe, Amell and Gustin are the core. Their chemistry and obvious love for one another propels the Arrowverse through thick and thin. Regardless of the quality of the episode, crossover or season, you can always count on this pair of heroes to save the day in some extraordinary way. Many fans grew up on this vast universe and events like flash was their gateway to the comic book medium. It was something that multiple shared universes couldn’t say.

When Lightning End?

LightningThe series finale premieres tonight, May 24, at 8 PM ET on the CW. While DC fans keep plenty of tissue boxes handy, you can read Amell’s entire EW interview on their website. You can also watch promos for flashthe thrilling series finale below.

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