Editor’s Note: The following are spoilers for ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3Nice show Ted Lasso is, Season 3 has struggled with its obsession with an ancient and predictable plot device: love triangles. The whole “will they not” dilemma has been non-stop in Season 3, with Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) potential romance with Ted (Jason Sudeikis) or a possible reunion with Sam (Toheeb Jimoh). A more obvious example of a love triangle can be seen between Keeley (Juno Temple), Roy (Brett Goldstein), and Jamie (Phil Dunster), which has been going on since Season 1. The love triangle even became a love box when Keeley started an affair with her boss, Jack (Jodi Balfour), although the affair was fortunately short-lived.


The flames of romance are still burning strong within the three, with the implication that Keeley and Roy are likely to get back together. One would think that this would destroy Jamie, but the once arrogant soccer star has matured to the point where he is totally okay with their relationship. The last episode of Season 3 did a really good job showing how far the three’s relationship has come since Season 1.

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Jamie Tartt Has Shown More Growth Than Any Character In ‘Ted Lasso’ History

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt in Ted Lasso
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If someone wants ratings Ted LassoA character from most to least liked, Jamie Tartt would be at the bottom of that list in Season 1. He was once very arrogant – in Season 1, he mistreated his teammates and AFC Richmond staff, and he didn’t . t gave his girlfriend at the time Keeley the respect he deserved. He seems to reach a point of no return when he leaves the team entirely, even though his loving coach, Ted, plants a seed of redemption in the promising young man.

Those seeds start to grow in Season 2, when Jamie briefly ditches his football career to star in a reality television series. It didn’t end very well for Jamie, as his famous demeanor caught him so quickly that no one wanted to work with him. That’s everyone except Ted, who welcomed Jamie back to AFC Richmond with open arms despite the concerns of the rest of the team and staff. After experiencing embarrassing shame and rejection, Jamie’s evolution into a benevolent team player officially begins.

The Season 2 finale saw Jamie begin to make amends with his old rival, Roy Kent. It develops further in Season 3, with Roy offering to take Jamie under his wing and train him to become a better player. They not only succeed in the goal, but they become unexpected best friends in the process. Since then, Jamie has become very kind and professional, almost being a mistake as he becomes more emotional than usual. Thankfully, through the help of his best friend, his ex-girlfriend and his mother, Jamie was able to complete his evolution by playing with honor and integrity when playing against the home team.

Roy Kent Has Also Done Some Growing Up On His Own

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in 'Ted Lasso'
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While Jamie was decidedly more immature at the start of the series, Roy had to grow up too. Once upon a time in Season 1, he was AFC Richmond’s star athlete, becoming one of the most loved players on the team. That said, not even the best players were able to outrun them, and years of injuries and struggles eventually caught up with the team captain. She tries her best to prove otherwise, even with Ted backing her up and supporting her, but in the end her time in the limelight is officially over. Thankfully, with the help of her new boyfriend Keeley, she’s been able to get through this.

Season 2 saw Roy in limbo after leaving the team, not really knowing what to do with his life. He didn’t get much satisfaction from coaching little league football or being a sports news commentator. Just as Jamie was brought back into the team, Roy was also back in, albeit as an assistant coach rather than a player. Leadership turned out to be the perfect outlet for Roy, and his role as coach was arguably more impactful than his time as a player.

Roy’s journey in Season 3 begins heartbroken, with him and Keeley parting ways amicably after deciding they were both too busy with their careers. Roy finds unexpected solace from that heartbreak in his training with Jamie, suddenly growing close to his former rival. We see that caring really pays off in the most recent episode, where Roy shows genuine concern for his emotionally overwhelmed friend. Both Roy and Keeley follow Jamie as he goes off on his own to get some fresh air, seeing firsthand the level of stress he experiences back in his hometown. They both also celebrated with an injured player once he got his well-deserved win after a big game.

Keeley Jones Keeps Fun Consistent Throughout ‘Ted Lasso’

Juno Temple as Keeley Jones in Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8
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Unlike Roy and Jamie, Keeley remained consistent throughout the series. He was always fun, confident and fun-loving, consistently showing empathy for his peers on the AFC Richmond staff and team. That’s not to say he hasn’t had his share of difficulties, starting in Season 1 with the knowledge that Jamie had been unfaithful to him and continuing with his new best friend Rebecca using him to discredit Ted. She also found someone to rely on Roy, someone who ended up being a much better partner for her in the long run.

Keeley is one of the subjects of a love triangle in Season 2. Although she remains with Roy the entire time, Jamie takes time to express his feelings for her. He doesn’t do this in a mean or manipulative way but in a purely honest and sincere way, which Roy admits who eventually forgives him. At the end of season two, Keeley plants the seeds of a breakup with Roy, and this continues in Season 3.

Even though she is no longer with Roy or Jamie (although she and Roy have certainly warmed to each other again), she is truly the thread that connects the three of them. The little love triangle that existed in Season 1 is no longer here. Instead, it is replaced by three people who like each other and want to help others succeed. When one of them fell, the other two swept up to pick up their friend. It’s an incredible subversion of expectations that will hopefully reach an even bigger conclusion in the upcoming finale.

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