Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Sweet Tooth Season 2 and references to the graphic novels. Netflix Sweet tooth picking up pace as the show drifts further into the hybrid’s origins, the Sick, Jepperd’s (Nonso Anozie) background, and foreshadows adventures to come. Sweet tooth is a post-apocalyptic adventure following a half-man, half-deer boy, Gus (Christian Convery), as he searches for his mother Dr. Gertrude Miller (Amy Seimetz), after his father’s death, while accompanied by a protector, Jepperd. The first season ends with Aimee (Daniel Ramirez) adopts hybrid children and Gus is detained by the Last Men, Jepperd is rescued by Aimee after being shot by the Last Men, and Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen) radioed with Miller at the Arctic outpost.


The appearance of hybrids and Sick People raises questions about whether hybrids are responsible for the disease, or whether the disease causes people to give birth to human-animal hybrid children. After the reveal of the first season, where Gus learns he was created in a lab, there are suspicions that the lab is also the origin of the hybrid and the H5G9 virus. However, apart from Gus and a few of his closest friends, few knew about the experiment.

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First Hybrid and Patient Zero

Adeel Akhtar as Dr.  Aditya Singh at Sweet Tooth
Image via Netflix

Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar) is driven to understand the cause of his illness, so he can find a cure for his wife Rani (Aliza Vellani). Both are taken hostage by General Abbot (Neil Sandiland), which threatens their lives if Singh does not find a cure soon. While Singh interviews and dissects several hybrids in captivity, he meets Gus, who has no belly button and proclaims he is older than the virus. This evidence leads Singh to identify Gus as an outsider compared to other hybrids, and an asset in his journey to find a cure.

A sleep-deprived Singh persuades Gus to explore his subconscious to uncover where he was made to create a similar process to heal. After an investigation at Fort Smith, Singh and Gus learn that Miller is one of the scientists working on the Midnight Sun Project, in which they inject microbes from the North Pole into chickens and chicken eggs in hopes of eliminating disease in human subjects. Gus is the first live egg they call Genetic Unit Series 1 (GUS).

Unbeknownst to Gus and Singh, the origins of the virus are revealed. Head of the Midnight Sun Project, Gillian Washington (Robyn Malcolm), injects itself with material from other viable eggs and accidentally becomes patient zero for the H5G9 virus. While most hybrid children are likely the result of the virus, Gus and the actions taken by Washington are separate incidents. Similar to the Greek tragedy, it was Gillian’s pride and desperation to cure her own genetic disease that led to irreparable consequences.

Factions and Power Play in the New World Neil Sandilands as Abbot General at Sweet Tooth

As a new strain of the Doomsday virus spreads across the land, General Abbot’s quest for more power introduces new territories and groups that may also pose new threats in the show’s final season. The Abbot travels and meets the leaders of the three groups, including the Dutch horseman (Tawanda Manyimo) of the Lowlands, the spiritual Voss (Daniel Watterson) of an unnamed group who believe the hybrids are extraterrestrial aliens, and the most powerful of them, Mrs. Helen Zhang (Rosalind Chao), which seems to be the leader of Texas. After that, he was determined to work with Zhang and him with him. It is concluded Zhang has resources beyond what he and other leaders already have and Abbott claims to have a cure for the H5G9 virus and a location to build a city for the cured population.

While Gus and the other hybrids are cooped up in the Last Man’s new base of operations at the abandoned zoo, the former Aimee hybrid sanctuary, the series deals with Jepperd’s years trying to find his family with disastrous results. It continues from the first season flashbacks of Jepperd leaving the hospital where he last saw his wife and hybrid child alive, realizing his mistake in leaving them, and documenting his emotional breakdown due to an inability to find them on his own. Desperation leads him to the Last Man recruiting rally, where he reconnects with the rally leader, his former football coach. Jepperd is nicknamed, the ‘hybrid catcher’ after years of efficiently catching hybrids. His actions were exchanged for a promise that the Last Men would use their resources to help him find his family. She was tricked because they found out she had a hybrid cub they were hunting. When he forced the truth, Jeppard learned that his wife had been dead for years.

Jepperd is haunted by his desperate and devastating act of violence that hit him in full force after the haughty treatment of him by the Last Man dropped his wife’s body bag at her feet and left before she opened it, knowing that would end her affiliation. His old trainer withheld information, betraying Jepperd to profit from his abilities. Jeppard’s journey as Gus’ protector is his quest to make amends.

The End of the Last Man

Sweet Tooth Key Art Cut Out
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The season concludes with the final showdown between the Abbot and the family that Gus finds. The hybrids escape from The Last Man with the help of Gus, Jepperd, Aimee, and Becky. The entire family including the rescued hybrid children go to Gus’ cabin in Yellowstone. The enraged Abbot now allied with Zhang, who took over the other group’s resources, invaded Yellowstone with the intent of taking the hybrids. Gus and company are able to kill the Abbot and stop the Last Man, leaving a power vacuum for Zhang to fill as the new antagonist.

As the battle ends, the series sets up new missions for Gus and his family and identifies potential threats. Thanks to Miller’s footage found by Becky, Gus and his family learn of Miller’s plan to “save the world” in Alaska and find a map showing his location. Obsessed with finding a cure, Singh, who lost Rani for refusing to spend time with him, hunts down Gus and finds a map left behind in Yellowstone. Zhang was in a position to fill the power vacuum with his vast resources and those he acquired from Holland, Voss, and Abbot after their death. In addition to these resources, the scene ends with Zhang feeding raw meat to a mysterious, growling creature in a cage.

The series will likely follow the characters’ journey to Alaska. There, similar to the show’s comic book roots, will be the final confrontation and final revelation about the microbes from Alaska and Gus’ visions. In the comics, there is a group of hybrid puppies, ‘The Dog Boys’, who through abuse and abuse are turned into monsters who follow their leader and eat anyone who gets in their way. Madam Zhang calls the mysterious cage creature a ‘boy’ and the Abbess mentions how much she doesn’t care for hybrids, most likely suggesting they might show up. Also, potentially important in the show’s final season are plot points that may be drawn from boss Miller Gillian’s reference to his relative Dr. James Thacker and his expedition to the North Pole. Miller has Thacker’s journal from his abandoned ship. Gus’ vision of the deer creature and Miller’s encounter with a hoofed figure suggest supernatural powers may be prominent.

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