Remember the 2020-2021 period when it seemed like every film was releasing online due to a lack of faith in cinema’s ability to captivate people, post-Covid? In between the onslaught of direct-to-streaming movies there’s been quite a bit of talk of a release on HBO Max called American pickles. The film is notable for being an offbeat period comedy, but also for being featured Seth Rogen in dual roles.

‘American Pickle’: Duplicate Rogen

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American Pickles Ab tells the story of Herschel Greenbaum (Seth Rogen), a Jewish immigrant who falls into a vat of pickles and is essentially preserved for 100 years. Prior to this incident, he lived a fairly typical, if poor life with his wife Sarah (Succession‘S Sarah Snook). Herschel Greenbaum and his wife Sarah were hard-pressed Eastern European Jewish workers. Following an attack on their village by Russian Cossacks, they moved to America in 1919. Herschel found work in a pickle factory and saved money to buy two graves in a Jewish cemetery. However, one day while he is at work, he falls into a vat of pickles when the factory is closed due to health problems, and he becomes a pickle for a century.


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When he emerges from the saltwater in present-day Brooklyn, he discovers that he is the last surviving member of his family and the world as he knew it no longer exists. In a stroke of luck, Herschel is found by his only surviving relative, his great-grandson Ben (also played by Rogen). Ben is a struggling app developer who lives in the same neighborhood where the Herschel pickle factory once stood. The two men, who are a century apart, must deal with the complexities of modern life and family dynamics as Herschel tries to adjust to the 21st century.

At first, Herschel was fascinated by the progress he saw around him, admiring the electric cars and pocket-sized computers that people carried everywhere. But he’s also horrified by the changes he’s seen, such as the acceptance of premarital sex and the lack of respect for religion. Herschel’s old-fashioned values ​​clash with Ben’s more progressive worldview, leading to some bickering and misunderstandings. Despite their differences, the two men begin to bond over their shared history and their love of Herschel’s pickles. Herschel, looking to continue his family’s legacy, decides to reopen his pickle factory and bring back the famous Greenbaum Pickles. With Ben’s help, she begins selling her pickles at the local farmers market, gaining a loyal following and even attracting the attention of major investors. But Herschel’s dreams of success are jeopardized when an article in the local newspaper reveals he made anti-Semitic remarks during an interview.

Herschel Overcomes Many Odds

The backlash was swift and severe, with protesters besieging the pickle stall and Herschel becoming a pariah in the community. Ben, embarrassed by his great-grandfather’s comments but still in love with him, must decide whether to support him or cut ties. As the fallout from the scandal mounts, Herschel and Ben’s relationship becomes strained. Herschel, unable to understand why his words hurt, feels betrayed by his great-grandson and the world he now lives in. Ben, torn between his loyalty to Herschel and his own values, struggles to reconcile the past with the present. In the end, Herschel and Ben are able to reconcile and move forward together. Herschel recognizes that the world has changed, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a difference. He accepts that his ancient values ​​may not always harmonize with modern society, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable. Together, Herschel and Ben continue to sell Greenbaum Pickles, this time with renewed purpose and understanding.

Score by composer Michael Giacchino is weird and emotional. Giacchino is known for his work on films such as To the top And Inside outand the score is for American pickles equally effective at capturing the film’s blend of comedy and drama.

Rogen gives a standout performance in the dual role, bringing Herschel and Ben to life with equal humor and heart. Director Brandon Trost does a great job of balancing the film’s comedic and dramatic moments, creating an entertaining and thought-provoking story. While some may find the film’s themes and humor a bit on the nose, American pickles finally succeeded thanks to his sincerity and sincerity.

Sarah Snook’s Brief Appearance Left an Impression

American Pickles - 2020
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The film doesn’t feature much of Snook but his pairing with Rogen isn’t as amazing as one might think. Although he doesn’t appear on screen for long, his character’s relationship with Herschel is crucial in establishing the values ​​and traditions that drive the plot. Snook brings quiet strength and dignity to his role, playing Sarah with a warmth and empathy that makes his absence from the film all the more noticeable. Snook’s performance as Sarah adds another layer of depth and emotional resonance to the film, highlighting the importance of family and tradition in a changing world.

For those who may have a hard time finding eccentric comedy, American pickles serves as a heartwarming and humorous exploration of family, tradition, and the immigrant experience. Maybe that’s just what they’re looking for.

Snook is expected to be seen next Kristin Gores‘S Beanie Bubbles with Zach Galifianakis And Elizabeth Banks and helmed Netflix’s psychological thriller Run Run Rabbit. Rogen is also staying busy sounding out what’s to come Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos as well as frequent collaborators Rose Byrne on AppleTV+ Platonic.

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