Nick Fury famously said, “The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.” Those are the lines included in it Captain America: The Winter Soldier to show how the spymaster and former Director of SHIELD likes to keep even his closest allies at arm’s length (and then loses much of his coolness factor when we find an alien cat clawing his eye out at the Captain Marvel). That was probably meant to show that Fury has some pretty significant trust issues, but that survival instinct might prove very useful in the series going forward, Secret Invasion.

One of the most mysterious Disney+ projects taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, Secret Invasion will see Fury, once again played by Samuel L. Jacksonreturns to Earth to uncover a plot being perpetrated by a group of mischievous Skrull, shape-shifting aliens Fury and Carol Danvers (Bri Larson) helped many years ago in Captain Marvel. Here’s everything we know about Marvel Secret Invasion.


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Does Secret Invasion Have a Release Date?

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Captain Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion will premiere on June 21, 2023, exclusively on Disney+. The series will have a six episode season and follow Nick Fury in the aftermath of the events Avengers: Endgame And Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Is There a Trailer for Secret Invasion?

After first playing behind closed doors at Comic-Con’s Hall H, the Secret Invasion the trailer was finally released during Disney’s D23 Expo 2022. The teaser opens with Nick Fury finally returning to Earth, this time with his full gray beard and without his iconic eye patch. What follows is Fury interacting with a variety of faces, some of which we’ve seen before. Not only do we get to see Talos in human form (who looks like a regular Ben Mendelsohn), but we also get a brief glimpse of him Don Cheadle returns as James Rhodes, AKA War Machine as good Martin Freeman returns as Agent Everett K. Ross. We also get a first glance Olivia Colman And Emilia Clarke, both of which are making their MCU debuts in the series. You can watch the video in the player above, and here it is link to our full trailer breakdown.

The second trailer for Secret Invasion dives a bit deeper into the show’s story but, surprisingly, doesn’t show many of the evil Skrulls one would expect to populate the series. One thing’s for sure, this will be a dark espionage spy thriller, supposedly curbing Marvel’s signature brand of humor from potentially doing what Marvel does. Andor (2022-) do for star wars. We see that on his long off-world vacation, Nick Fury isn’t exactly welcome on Earth, with James Rhodes telling Fury he’s the most wanted man on the planet. Luckily for Fury, he still has several allies in Talos, Maria Hill, Olivia Colman’s character who is now confirmed to be Agent Sonya Falsworth. That is, they appear to be allies, for who knows which may actually be Skrulls in disguise biding their time to attack.

While not an official trailer, this feature gives us a fresh look at the build Secret Invasion. We hear from the stars of the show about their approach to the world of spying and espionage. This feature also showcases Jackson’s approach to Fury when he can’t rely on the Avengers. This is followed by the most recent Secret Invasion trailer, released on May 21, 2023. Entitled “Fight”, the one-minute clip shows how alone Fury is in this fight, even allies seem to be turning against him. It’s also teased that one way or another, all of the events leading up to this invasion were caused by Fury’s own actions. See below:

What Is a Secret Invasion?

As seen in the trailer, the show’s tone is very dark, much darker than anyone would expect. The series is developed as a gritty spy espionage drama with elements of sci-fi based psychological horror. Cobie Smulders confirmed the show’s tone at last year’s D23: “This is a darker show. We’re going to delve deeper into the characters. We’re going to see them in a new way, and it’s going to be an engaging thriller, and you’ll never know who it is.” Are they Skrulls? Are they humans? It’s going to be a guessing game.”

This promised style is a big departure from what we’ve seen before in the MCU and a big tonal shift from how we’ve seen Fury and the Skrulls in Captain Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson spoke about the series and the new approach for Nick Fury.

Even Nick Fury can get shaken up, you know? He’s in there trying to process what happened, you know? And what is his place in this world. Iron Man’s death, Black Widow’s death, with the things that were going on, he just looked into it. Now, he doesn’t wear the patch. Patch is a part of who strong Nick Fury first. It’s part of his vulnerability now. You can look at him and see that he is not an indestructible person. He didn’t feel like that person.

Smulders echoed Jackson’s statements and spoke about where the series found Maria Hill, saying: “I think Maria Hill is really running out of patience. She’s always had a really close relationship with Nick Fury, but he’s been gone for so long, and she’s just running around extinguish the fire.” This welcome change will hopefully lead to the iconic aliens displaying their familiar cunning and shenanigans in the comics that we haven’t seen in live-action.

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What Are the Comic Book Origins of Secret Invasion?


So what exactly is it Secret Invasion? Well, in the comics, the Secret Invasion the storyline is, as Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) from Spider-Man: Far From Home would say, “Avengers level threat”. It didn’t take long after that Civil war in Marvel Comics Storyline, Secret Invasion take in the world where Tony Stark is the Director of SHIELD and several heroes are considered criminals thanks to the Super Hero Registration act that started the Civil War. This controversy is put aside and heroes (and villains) from both sides of the issue are forced to unite when hidden plots of the Skrulls are uncovered and the quest to conquer Earth is announced.

Led by their evil Queen, the Skrulls have kidnapped many of Earth’s citizens, both civilians and super-beings, and replaced them with Skrulls, creating a sleeping agent that patiently waits for their opportunity to strike. This was a plan that was in the works for several years, with heroes like Elektra and Hank Pym being among the people being replaced by the Skrulls. This was a major Marvel Comics event that had major consequences for the entire Marvel Comics Universe, including the sacrifice and death of Wasp Janet Van Dyne, a supposedly reformed Norman Osborn taking over SHIELD, and revelations of crimes equal to what the Illuminati are known for. as Cabal.

Now because of Disney+ Secret Invasion working with a much smaller number of characters, it’s understandable that the scale of the event would be much smaller than its epic comic counterpart. However, if Loki has taught us everything, though, that Disney+ shows are still essential viewing for Marvel fans and can still have a huge impact on the broader MCU.

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Who Created The Secret Invasion?

Image via Marvel Studios

As always, Kevin Feige is the executive producer and is the head honcho for this one Secret Invasion, like all other MCU projects. The show runner and creator is Kyle Bradstreetwho was formerly a very successful writer and producer Mr. Robots. Other crew members included Elizabeth cinematographer Remi Adefarasin, Lost in Space production designer Frank WalshAnd Black glass costume designer Claire Anderson. This series reportedly will directed by Thomas Bezucha (Let him go) and Ali Salim (Towering Tower).

Jonathan Schwartz served as executive producers and spoke about their approach to the series. On inspiration, Schwartz said, “We’re really inspired by shows like Homeland And That AmericaS. What you find is there are people you trust or you think about You can trust—or you can only trust up to a certain point.” The idea of ​​espionage makes sense when you see how it is Captain America: The Winter Soldier handles SHIELD and Nick Fury storylines.

Who are the Secret Invasion Players?

A woman points a gun at someone in Secret Invasion.
Image via Marvel

Although he has appeared in about a dozen MCU projects since the first end credits scene in the original Iron Man, this is the first time that Nick Fury will be the main character in his own story, played again by Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson will rejoin Ben Mendelsohn as the good-natured Skrull Talos, returning from his antagonistic role in The Captain Marvel and the credits briefly appear as a cameo Spider-Man: Far From Home. Other MCU alumni joining the cast include Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Don Cheadle as James “Rohdey” Rhodes, and Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross.

Making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an Academy Award-winning star Favorite Olivia Colman, as MI6, the antagonist. Samuel J. Jackson described him as “cold-blooded and just enjoying being that person.” Joining Coleman is Game of Thrones alumni Emilia Clarke. Clark will play G’iah, a Skrull freedom fighter and princess of Talos. G’iah fought for his people, and the war (see at Captain Marvel) have radicalized him. Clarke spoke of the role saying:

She’s a refugee child who had a Talos father, you know what I mean? Maybe the fact that we didn’t know he had kids until recently tells you all you need to know about their relationship… So understandably, a certain amount of resentment has built up. There is a lot of emotion alive within him, and there are a lot of confrontational aspects to his character that come from circumstances.

Finally, the supporting cast is rounded off by Christopher Mcdonald (Congratulations Gilmore), Carmen Egogo (Selma), Kingsley Ben Adir (OA), And Killian Scott (Cavalry).

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