It’s been a busy year for this dynamic duo Mr Phil And Chris Miller. The pair didn’t just work hard behind the script for the highly anticipated one Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versebut they’ve also finally been given the chance to reboot a fan-favorite adult animated series, High Clone. Now that the latter is back to surprising success and the former is hitting theaters on June 2nd, you may be wondering what the creative team has in store for us next.

Sit with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, Lord and Miller were asked that very important question, and they gave us pretty solid answers about what we can expect from them outside the multiverse. While many of their recent projects, incl Across the Spider-Verse And Lego Movie 2: Part Two have seen them put pen to paper and craft a heartfelt and entertaining script, they reveal that their return to directing is imminent.


Sharing his love for the couple’s filming credits, which in the past have included such things Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Way JumpAnd Lego Movie, Weintraub asked whether their vision would be behind anything else in the near future. Straight to it, Lord says that while they are “Trying not to commit to anything,” went on to say they are “Really excited about a lot of our future projects.” While anyone could have stopped there and just given us a broad, undetailed idea of ​​what was to come, Lord also gave the title: The Hail Mary Project. “We are very happy The Hail Mary Projectsaid Lord, adding that they would of course wait until the writers came out on strike before they got the ball rolling.

Seeking further confirmation, Weintraub asked if the 2021 sci-fi novel had already passed Andy Weir would be the next big screen adaptation in which Lord passes the ball to Miller, noting, “He’s more in charge than I am.” Leaning on his teammate’s previous statements, Miller said, “Yeah, obviously there’s a lot to work out, but it looks like it.


What The Hail Mary Project?

In Weir’s book, the story centers on a junior high school teacher named Ryland Grace who wakes up from a coma. Unsure of his surroundings due to a case of amnesia, he slowly begins to piece together his past, remembering that he was registered as an astronaut and sent to a solar system 12 light years from ours to prevent the end of humanity. As we reported in 2020, Lord and Miller have rented Drew Goddard to help them write a screenplay for a film being picked up by MGM. At the time, Ryan Gosling was roped in in the lead role but now that it’s been three years since the last whisper, who knows how things will turn out.

What we do know is that we now have another Lord and Miller-led title to look forward to as the team prepares to launch into space together. The Hail Mary Project.

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