X fast racing toward the dollar hordes at the box office, and the earnings have now helped Fast and furious franchises pass $7 billion globally, according to Deadline. X fast also making Universal the first studio to surpass $1 billion at the domestic box office by 2023.

Fast and furious it has now become the fifth franchise to surpass $7 billion at the global box office, doing so in 11 films. It currently ranks as the fifth highest-grossing franchise of all time. Currently tied to Warner Bros.’ The Wizarding World Movie, which includes Harry Potter franchise, for the fewest number of films needed to reach the $7 billion mark. The films have collectively grossed $1.946 billion at the domestic box office and $5.083 billion internationally, for an impressive global total of $7.03 billion.


When X fast none have come close to the highest-grossing film in the saga, the Win Diesel And Jason Momoa starrer has still managed to make $81.9 million at the domestic box office since its May 19 release. The film has grossed an additional $289.8 million overseas for a global box office total of $371.8 million, significantly surpassing its initial box office tracking number. Considering the film has only been in theaters for a week, it likely is X fast box office numbers will continue to increase.

Michelle Rodriquez as Letty in Fast X
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All from Fast and furious Movies Have Done Well

Despite some criticism that the studio is milking the franchise out of necessity, it seems moviegoers don’t feel the same way, after all Fast and furious the films have made huge profits at the box office. The best player in this saga is 2015 Angry 7. The film, which marks the final appearance of the late franchise star, Paul Walker, generated $353 million domestically and $1.15 billion overseas for a global total of $1.52 billion. Hurry 7 and its sequel, The Fate of the Angry Man, are the only two films from the franchise to have made over $1 billion globally. However, other films are nothing to be underestimated, not even the lowest-grossing film in the franchise, 2006’s Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, still carries a global total of $159 million.

Passing the $7 billion mark is likely good news for Universal, which has now made $1 billion domestically for the fastest time in the last decade, including box office returns from its subsidiary Focus Features. The studio has had a number of hits in 2023, the most notable being super mario bros movie, which has grossed $1.248 billion worldwide to become the third highest-grossing animated film in history. Universal comedy-horror film Cocaine Bear also exceeded expectations to generate $89 million globally. The studio also has a number of other possible hits on the calendar this year, with by Christopher Nolan highly anticipated war drama Oppenheimer set to submit on July 21st, reboot The Exorcist: Believe the saga was released on October 13, and Blumhouse’s buzzy Five Nights at Freddy’s adaptation set for October 27th.

X fast it’s out now in theaters and you can watch the trailer below.

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