The Writers Guild of America’s ongoing strike has brought many Hollywood productions to a halt. Projects like Stranger Things, family man, late night shows and more have halted production in solidarity with the writers and rightfully so. Another series that feels the effect of the strike is Collin Ferrell-led Penguin series, a Batman spin-off based on the well-known DC villain, which bridges the gap between the original film and its announced sequel. Irish actors today stepped out on the picket line to support the writers.

Speak to Deadlines actor, which is seen on the side Michael Kelly at a Times Square rally spoke of an industry environment in which “corporations are getting richer and richer” creating a “questionable and uncertain” future for writers that he found “unrighteous and unfair”. The actor considered it important “to come back to the table and treat the writer with respect”. He added,


“For 25 years I made a living and supported my family off the back of the creativity of writers… it’s not fair what happened… they are the origin of everything we do.”

Furthermore, speaking of how the situation was “unfair” for the scribes who poured their blood and sweat into each work, he emphasized that fulfilling the writer’s request was a “fundamental change that needed to happen.” About showing up on picket lines and supporting the strike, he said Variation“It is a testament to the arrogance of the people at the top that these people are now out of jobs because they did the right thing.”

Colin Farell as The Penguin in the Max Original series.
Image via Max

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Why Did the Writers’ Guild of America Strike?

It’s been more than 20 days since the WGA used picket lines after failing to reach a deal with the Film and Television Producers Alliance earlier this month. The writers demand fair wages, elimination of mini rooms, protection from “free work”, and protection from AI to name a few. As Ferrell mentioned, no visual medium can be created without writers, all of our favorite TV shows and movies start in the writing room and it’s only natural that AMPTP makes arrangements to award author rights in the form of residuals and payments.

Many shows and films were affected by the strike, Penguin is set to release on the Max sometime in 2024 but due to delays that window is subject to change. While we wait for further updates on the strike, you can see Ferrell’s comments below:

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