With plenty of documentaries, festival hits, and horror made into classics, this week’s streaming roundup really gets it all. The only problem? There may not be enough time in just one week to watch it all.

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Become Mary Tyler Moore

Release date: Friday, May 26 at Max

The first documentary on this list, Become Mary Tyler Moore is to see the spirit and work of the late iconic actor himself. Directed by an Emmy-winning filmmaker James Adolphus, it will cover more than six decades of his life and career that transformed entertainment as we know it. Ever since he was on a 60’s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show for his Oscar-nominated performance in 1980 Ordinary peoplethis film is one that tries to take a closer look at a cast that is truly unique.

Blood & Gold

Release date: Friday, May 26 on Netflix

With a title that basically tells you everything you need to know about it, Blood & Gold is this week’s offer for you crazy people looking for a heist movie gone awry. Set at the end of World War II, it follows a former German soldier who is looking for his daughter and joins a group of exiles to fight the gold-seeking Nazis. We know these sound a lot alike Sisu that we had at this meetup last week, but this one might be worth a try on its own.


Release date: Wednesday, May 24 on Hulu

The sweet yet somber story of a found family, Broker is a festival film that deserves your attention for all that it manages to explore with care. Following a group of hawkers trying to find a family for a child his mother couldn’t raise, it’s an extraordinary feat. Each of the characters is one that the film overflows with compassion without ever taking shortcuts to grapple with their raw edges. It might hurt to hold them so close, but embrace them like a movie.

Hole in the Fence

Release date: Friday, May 26 on VOD

Other smaller films worth seeking out, Hole in the Fence is a Mexican-Polish psychological drama about a group of boys who are sent to a remote summer camp. They are there to be molded into the next power player in elite society, but soon discover the fence surrounding the camp is a hole that is the first domino to fall of the impending disaster.


Release date: Friday, May 26 in Shudder

As promised, we are now bringing you our horror deals for the week. We’re not saying this list is any lesser without one, but it packs a little extra punch when it counts. In this case, the film is Influencer and it is, you guessed it, a story centered on a social media personality who ends up caught up in something unexpected. Specifically, while traveling to Thailand, she meets another traveler who she ends up developing a relationship with. The less known the better, but let’s just say this one really takes you off the grid.

The Innocent

Release date: Tuesday, May 23 on The Criterion Channel

A film by LouisGarrel starring NoĆ©mieMerlant? Yeah, you bet we’re ready for a movie like that The Innocent. Described as part crime thriller and part family prank, it follows an obsessive son who begins spying on his newly released stepfather. When she later gets caught up in the man’s schemes, her co-workers convince her to follow them. We don’t want to overstate it, but we have a feeling this might be the best comedy crime on this list or any other this year.

John Wick: Chapter 4

Release date: Tuesday, May 23 on VOD

While this is not the final chapter in the action saga, as early development has started on the fifth entry, John Wick: Chapter 4 is the most ambitious, ridiculous and thrilling series yet. Starring the greats Keanu Reeves as a man himself, he never missed a step even when he was knocked down step by step.

Old way

Release date: Friday, May 26 on Hulu

If you tell us that Nicolas Cage, one of the most eclectic and beloved actors out there, takes on a western film, then you know we’d be giddy to be there with him. When Old wayit may not reinvent the genre, it knows what it is and doesn’t run from it. Plus, with Cage always being a pleasure to watch on screen and giving his all to every character he plays, we’re always willing to take the open road in new adventures with him.

Shazam! Wrath of the Gods

Release date: Tuesday, May 23 at Max

Next is Shazam! Wrath of the Gods. Not only is it one of the worst superhero movies to date, but it may also signal the end of an era for the DC universe as it goes in a direction that is expected to be better. So while it’s hard to recommend this film on its merits, if you want to see a time capsule from the disastrous ending of this chapter of the franchise, we won’t be here to stop you.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Release date: Tuesday, May 23 on Amazon Prime

Next is George Miller‘S Three Thousand Years of Longing. While it’s an imperfect film that loses itself in the end, the journey to get there is a fascinating one that spans both space and time through the eyes of a magical creature that reflects life itself. For all the ways it could be so much better with a more interesting conclusion, there’s a lot to appreciate in Miller’s vision.


Release date: Tuesday, May 23 on Netflix

What would happen if you went to the police to tell them you had been sexually harassed and then you were sued? That’s the focus of journalists Rae de Leoninvestigations chronicled in the documentary film Victims/Suspects. Exploring how this is becoming an increasing pattern, this is a documentary that attempts to grapple with the problems of the criminal justice system and what impact it has on those who are unexpectedly caught up in it.

Violent Night

Release date: Friday, May 26 on Prime Video

Port of David was Santa Claus and fought a bunch of guys that didn’t work out Violent Night. You still need more? Well, it’s about to get a sequel and there’s no better time to catch up on the original as it delivers almost everything you could hope for.

Wild Life

Release date: Friday, May 26 on Disney+

We’re closing one last documentary to send you packing for the week. Conservation portraits of Kris and Doug Tompkins, Wild Life is the latest film from the director behind Free Solos. Even though it’s not as exciting or as amazing as that, there’s still something interesting buried here.

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