Audiences have always loved series that offer a captivating mix of fun, drama and entrepreneurial spirit. Series of this kind are often found at startups and founders chronicling events where they provide a compelling glimpse into the world of ambitious, high-stakes entrepreneurs as they navigate challenges and turn innovative ideas into reality. From Silicon Valley boardrooms to startup hubs around the world, audiences are immersed in fast-paced environments where young visionaries negotiate deals and face fierce competition.

The show can be as entertaining as it is educational, highlighting the trials and triumphs of those who dare to disrupt the status quo in the evolving landscape of tech entrepreneurship. From cute home garage style environment Silicon hill for $47 billion worth of international operations We’re Crushedthe show offers the exciting, and sometimes mind-blowing, journey of a well-known startup and a determined entrepreneur.



10 ‘Developer’ (2020)

Image via FX on Hulu

Part sci-fi, part office nightmare, Dev follows a developer investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend through the secret world of a tech company called Amaya and her mysterious development division. Mind-bending thriller from Alex Bouquet (Ex Machine, Destruction) explores the limits of determinism and the implications of controlling the flow of time.

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While the premise is more sci-fi than realistic, the event reflects an ambitious pursuit of innovative technology that resonates with startups, which in turn leaves them embroiled in ethical dilemmas like those faced by Facebook and TikTok, to name a few.

9 ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ (2014 – 2017)

Image via AMC

Stop and Catch Fire is set during the early startup boom, following a group of visionary individuals as they attempt to revolutionize the computer and internet industries. Series star Lee Pace (Base), Mackenzie Davis (Eleventh Station), And Scott MacNairy (Argo).

This series provides a glimpse into the real-world startup experience by highlighting the challenges, ambitions, and evolution of the tech industry. Despite being set in the 80s, the series still captures the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and the ever-changing nature of technology, as it is today.

8 ‘Getting Started’ (2020)

Startup-Bae Suzy-Nam joo hyuk-kim Seon Ho

Romance drama stub follows the lives of young entrepreneurs as they navigate the highly competitive startup scene in South Korea, battling personal and professional challenges while trying to turn their idea into a successful business. Available on Netflix, this series stars a K-Pop singer Bae Suzy in the main role.

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This series is almost like a couple romance Silicon hill, with glimpses into the Korean tech scene and a near-accurate depiction of the startup journey. Through its relatable character, this film shows the reality faced by startups today, from trying to realize their ideas through demonstrations to fighting competitors.

7 ‘The Billion Dollar Code’ (2021)

Billion Dollar Code

Billion Dollar Code tells the true story of a group of young hackers from Germany who developed the revolutionary video compression algorithm that became the basis of Google Earth. They engaged in a long battle for patent infringement with the tech giants years later.

With innovations coming out almost daily, there are occasional legal battles that follow companies with similar services. While this series shows the harsh realities of a multi-billion dollar industry, it also shows how individuals have the potential to disrupt the industry with innovative ideas.

6 ‘WeCrashed’ (2022)


We’re Crushed delve into the charming fall of WeWork, the co-working startup, led by the eccentric Adam Neumann (Jared Leto) and his wife Rebekah (Anne Hathaway). This Apple TV+ series explores the charismatic founders’ ambitious visions, corporate missteps, and financial lapses that led to the company’s downfall.

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The series provides a cautionary tale about the potential consequences startups face with uncontrolled growth and mismanagement. This story also highlights how startup valuation must be supported by transparency and sound decision-making, making this series a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

5 ‘Beginning’ (2016 – 2018)

Startup-Adam Brody-Edi Gathegi-Martin Freeman

Focusing on the cryptocurrency industry, stub follows a banker, hacker and gang boss as they try to revolutionize the future of money while also making a fortune. Very bingeable, this series stars Adam Brodie, Martin Freeman And Ron Perlman.

Arguably released too soon when cryptocurrencies had yet to enter mainstream conversation, this series does a great job exploring crypto in its early days as well as the dark side of the tech industry. This thrilling series depicts the pursuit of the American dream at any cost and serves as a warning when innovative technology is abused.

4 ‘Super Pumped: Battle for Uber’ (2022)

joseph gordon levitt as travis raises hand in office for uber

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as CEO of Uber, Super Pumped: Battle for Uber encapsulating the ride-hailing company’s rise to prominence, complete with the intense power struggles and confusing controversies that have engulfed the company, offers a behind-the-scenes look at its disturbing journeys.

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The series offers a captivating portrayal of the challenges faced by startups in the tech industry, through high-stakes fights and strategic decisions. It provides insight into how the founders did business with each other, with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick moving alongside Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Sergey Brin.

3 ‘Playlist’ (2022)

Spotify Netflix Playlist

Netflix series Playlist focused on creating the music streaming platform Spotify. The series follows a different perspective in each episode, including that of founder Daniel Ek, as they disrupt the music industry and launch the service.

This Swedish production offers an engaging and entertaining glimpse into the evolving landscape of the music industry in the digital age. It also shows a holistic view of how disruptive tech startups can revolutionize the industry, from the side of coders to the lawyers helping with legal battles.

2 ‘School Dropout’ (2022)

Dropout (2022) (1)

Dropout is a gripping true crime series that chronicles the charming downfall of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried in her Emmy-winning role) and her company, Theranos. It follows the rise and fall of an enigmatic young entrepreneur, uncovering the shocking deception behind his revolutionary blood testing technology.

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By highlighting fraudulent practices and corporate wrongdoing, the series serves as a reminder to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. This highlights the need for accountability and responsible practice within startups, so that all parties are not swayed by only promising ideas and charismatic figures.

1 ‘Silicon Valley’ (2014 – 2019)

Image via HBO

Silicon hill is a hilarious comedy series that follows a group of socially awkward programmers as they navigate the treacherous waters of the tech startup scene in Silicon Valley. starring show Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Zach’s Forest And Kumail Nanjiani.

The series offers a relatable portrayal of startup culture, highlighting the struggles faced by aspiring entrepreneurs, the relentless pursuit of funding, and the threat of competition — even from friends. With its witty commentary, the HBO series captures the essence of the modern startup landscape.

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