Redditors recently congregated on r/movies, the largest film subreddit, to discuss the best comfort horror films. That is, horror films are perfect for cold, dark nights; the film is set in a mansion lit by fire and a snowy town, where the characters may be warm and safe for a while but where danger lurks nearby.

Their selection includes many great and underrated horror films, ideal for viewing in front of a fireplace or with a hot beverage to drink. They range from John Carpenter classic to Stephen King a gem, with a horror-comedy or two thrown in.



10 ‘The Mist’ (1980)


Fog is a horror classic directed by genre legend John Carpenter. It tells the story of a small beach town in California which is haunted by a mysterious mist that rolls in from the ocean. The fog carries a vengeful spirit seeking satisfaction for past injustices, unleashing all manner of havoc on the unsuspecting townspeople.

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Fog is a masterclass in atmospheric horror, with Carpenter’s flair for music and lighting on full display. “I feel that way about John Carpenter’s Fog,” said user danielmulvey. “A thick fog enveloped the remote coastal town and there was a convenient local radio station to accompany residents.”

9 ‘Old Dark House’ (1932)

old dark house 19320

Old Dark House is a vintage horror about a group of travelers who are stranded in a remote house during a violent storm. As they seek refuge, they soon discover that the house is inhabited by a strange and disturbing family with secrets and agendas of their own. It is an essential “haunted house” film, based on appearances from the stars of the era Boris Karloff And Charles Laughton.

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“As the title suggests, it’s about some passers-by who, due to a storm, find themselves trapped in a spooky house with strange occurrences. Like many films of the 30s, there is no music score; instead, the raging sounds around the storm set the scene. heart. It’s one of my favorites for a stormy night,” said Redditor DreamcastJunkie.

8 ‘Midnight Mass’ (2021)

Hamish Linklater at Midnight Mass
Image via Netflix

Midnight Mass is a mini-series, but it’s too good not to mention: it has a lot of cinematic qualities and functions as a seven-hour movie. Directed by Hill Haunted House showrunner Mike Flanaganit centers on a series of unsettling events that befall an isolated island community following the arrival of a new priest (Hamish Linklater).

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Midnight Mass on Netflix feels like something [Stephen] King could have written. It has a tight-knit community against supernatural events,” said user nerdybookguy. This will be my recommendation. My wife and I watched it on the eve of Halloween and it was both awesome and convenient,” said Redditor_mister_pink_.

7 ‘Storm of the Century’ (1999)

Storm mini series 19990

another Miniseries, Storm of the Century unfolds in the remote town of Little Tall Island, Maine, during a violent winter storm. However, the townspeople must face more than the elements: a mysterious stranger (Col Feore) arrives in the city and quickly reveals an uncanny ability to uncover its inhabitants’ darkest secrets and desires. “Give me what I want, and I will go,” he tells the town, putting them in a dire dilemma. King has said that it is his favorite TV show based on his writing.

One Redditor mentioned it in the post that started the thread, describing it as a prime example of this type of horror. “Storm of the Century it has a ‘homey’ kind of atmosphere/feeling to it. It’s a movie you can watch when there’s a storm outside or when it’s snowing,” they said.

6 ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ (2001)

The Angry Princess and Kathy in the bathroom at Thirteen Ghosts.

A family inherits a mansion from their eccentric uncle, but soon realize it’s actually a machine designed to catch ghosts. While not the most original in terms of plot, the ghosts in this movie are well designed and scary, especially the Big Boy and Juggernaut.

The film was not a critical success but has since developed something of a cult following. “It’s completely illogical, but I always enjoy watching Thirteen Ghosts when there is bad weather outside. Even with all its flaws, I love the film,” said user DamnImAwesome.

5 ‘The Werewolf Within’ (2021)

werewolf in the year 20210

Deep Werewolf is a horror-comedy based on the video game of the same name. Again, it is set in a small town that is attacked by a blizzard, trapping the residents. When a mysterious creature starts attacking the townspeople, a forest ranger (Sam Richardson) and a postal worker (Milana Vayntrub) work together to uncover the truth and stop the attacks

This is a lovable werewolf trope, which received positive reviews. It made a significant loss at the box office but became the highest-rated video game film on Rotten Tomatoes. “I really enjoyed the movie. It felt like there wasn’t any buzz around it,” said Redditor triprotic.

4 ‘Dead of Winter’ (1987)

dead winter (1987)0

Winter Dead is a psychological thriller about aspiring actress named Katie McGovern (Mary Steenburgen), who is offered the chance to audition for a mysterious film director named Lewis (Roddy McDowall). Upon arriving at Lewis’s remote home in upstate New York, Katie realizes that Lewis has even more sinister intentions for her.

It had an eerily comfortable vibe, taking place inside an old building while it was snowing outside. “Winter Dead I might be your thing — the winter setting and vintage tension give it a ‘homey’ vibe, I’d say!” said Redditor Bette_and_Joan.

3 ‘Krampus’ (2015)

Krampus 2015

Krampus revolves around a dysfunctional family who is visited by a demonic entity who punishes those who have lost their Christmas spirit. The family is trapped in their home by a blizzard and must band together to survive against Krampus and his crooked army of minions.

The practical effects and puppetry of this film are top notch and mix horror and comedy beautifully. “My wife and I watched Krampus every Christmas. It’s perfect,” said user ObtuseStone.

2 ‘The Mist’ (2007)

Characters from the Mist

The Shawshank Redemption Director Frank Darabont directed this horror, based on the novel by Stephen King. A mysterious mist envelops a small town, bringing with it deadly creatures from another dimension. As tensions rise and paranoia kicks in, the survivors must confront the monsters and desperate humans among them.

It is very character-driven for the horror genre, thanks to Darabont’s background in drama. “Fog on Netflix is ​​an adaptation of SK’s book, but don’t blame me if you’re traumatized by the end. I’m sure,” said Redditor marialala1974.

1 ‘The Changelings’ (1980)

1980's horror turned0

George C.Scott Star in this Canadian horror film as John Russell, a composer who loses his wife and daughter in a devastating accident and moves to a historic home in search of solace. However, the house holds a dark secret. Strange and unexplained events begin to unfold, with a supernatural force tormenting John relentlessly.

Determined to unravel the mystery, he delves deeper into the mansion’s past—with dire consequences. Two Redditors are mentioned The Changeling matches this kind of vibe. “The house is spooky but I think it’s a comforting movie to watch,” said user Unsilent_Nynja. It is old and remains a scary and influential horror film.

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