The action genre thrived throughout the 2010s. Many high-profile projects premiered during the decade, from Mad Max: Path of Rage to Mission: Impossible – The Fallcemented the action scene as one of the most popular and enduring genres of cinema.

Almost every year throughout the 2010s there was a lot of riches about action movies. However, many of the best and most thrilling action efforts came out a decade ago, in the game-changing year that was 2013. From groundbreaking superhero films to suspenseful and riveting thrillers, these action films wow audiences, upping the ante and proving no other genre quite like it. exciting or uplifting.



10 ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

A man stands in front of the burning White House on Olympus Has Fallen.
Image via FilmDistrict

Gerard Butler incoming star Olympus Has Fallen in front of Aaron Eckhart And Morgan Freeman. The film centers on a disgraced Secret Service agent and his quest to save the US President from an attack led by North Korean guerrillas.

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Olympus Has Fallen is an excellent B-movie that knows exactly what it is. It has no pretensions to be anything but a good time, with the entire cast delivering surprisingly committed play and performances in service of ludicrous plots that never make sense. However, Olympus Has Fallen quite gung-ho in its attempts to entertain, perhaps the best thing a film can do.

9 ‘Oblivion’

Image vi Universal Image

Tom Cruise officially entered its star-exclusive-action era in the 2010s, starting with Joseph Kosinsiscience fiction Oblivion. This film also stars Andrea Riseborough And Olga Kurylenko and centers on a pair of technicians on a seemingly uninhabited Earth ravaged by an alien war. When they find a woman who survived a shipwreck, they begin to doubt and question everything they know.

Oblivion far from Cruise and Kominski’s best, but it’s a satisfying work of sci-fi with interesting themes and ideas. Cruise was at the peak of his star power, aided by an impressive supporting cast including Morgan Freeman. And while his reach far exceeded her grasp, Oblivion is a superior sci-fi action adventure worthy of praise.

8 ‘Iron Man 3’

Robert Downey Jr.  as Iron Man kneels while multiple Iron Man suits fly behind him in Iron Man 3.

Black Shan took over directing duties for the final entry in Iron Man trilogy. IronMan 3 star Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, who must battle his most famous foe, the Mandarin. Gwyneth Paltrow, Dan CheadleAnd Ben Kingsley also stars.

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IronMan 3 is a very divisive film. The changes made to the Mandarin remain controversial today and are often considered one of the worst aspects of the MCU. However, IronMan 3 is a witty and at times insightful exploration of Tony’s psyche, dealing with his trauma and legacy while delivering many of the action sequences fans have come to expect from their MCU content.

7 ‘Tai Chi Man’

keanu Reeves saw Tiger Hu Chen in Man of Tai Chi (2013) (1)

Keanu Reeves‘ directorial debut, Tai Chi man, seeing beloved actors play something audiences rarely see: villains. The plot follows a young martial artist who, desperate for money, enters the world of underground fighting.

Tai Chi man greatly benefited from Reeves’ surprising domain behind the camera and Chad Stahelskikinetic action scene. The plot is easy, but the leading turns are impressive Tiger Chen and the real respect that Reeves has for the world he depicts Tai Chi man a solid martial arts film that may not push the envelope but succeeds as a love letter to better movies.

6 ‘World War Z’

A horde of zombies climbs the walls of an Israeli fortress in World War Z
Image via Paramount

Based on the 2006 eponymous novel, World War Z star Brad Pitt leading a large ensemble. The plot revolves around Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who travels the world in search of the source of a dangerous virus that turns humans into beasts and vicious creatures.

World War Z much more low-key than the novel but succeeds thanks to some non-stop stunning action sequences. The film’s troubled production led to an uneven plot that was never as satisfying as it could have been, however World War Z remains a highly entertaining action thriller, though it never quite reaches the heights of the best zombie movies of all time.

5 ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Michelle Rodriguez as Letty working on cars in Fast & Furious 6
Image via Universal Pictures

That fast and roaring the franchise began its world domination plot with its release Fast & Furious 6. The plot centers on Dom, Brian and their family working with DSS agent Luke Hobbs to take down British mercenary Owen Shaw in exchange for forgiveness for their crimes.

Fast & Furious 6 famous for reviving Michelle RodriguezLetty after his death in the fourth series and for introductions Jason Stathamvillain turned ally of Deckard Shaw. This film does a brilliant and hilarious job of portraying what is now a classic Fast the formula: high-speed chases, great action sequences, memorable villains, and more than a few subtle references to family.

4 ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Peeta and Katniss do the Mockingjay symbol in Catching Fire.
Image Via Lionsgate

High hopes for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire following the smash hit of 2012’s Hunger Games. The plot sees Katniss and Peeta returning to the Games arena after becoming an accidental symbol for a revolution against the Capitol.

Going deeper into the social and political issues that made the first film a flagship in the YES genre, Catching Fire is the best movie in Hunger Games series. The film was a huge success at the box office, turning the franchise into a top Hollywood player and strengthening Jennifer Lawrence as the defining star of his generation.

3 ‘Captain Phillips’

Tom Hanks incoming star Paul Greengrass‘ biographical action thriller Captain Phillips. Based on the 2009 hijacking of a US cargo ship Maersk Alabamathe film tells the story of Richard Phillips, whose ship is taken hostage by four Somali pirates.

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Captain Phillips was a critical and commercial success. The film received critical acclaim, particularly for Barkhad Abdi’s performance as Abduwali Muse, the pirate leader. Abdi earned universal acclaim, including an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor. Captain Phillips also benefits from Hanks’ portrayal and Greengrass’ claustrophobic approach, resulting in a suspenseful thriller that will keep audiences on edge.

2 ‘Man of Steel’

Henry Cavill as Superman looks up and stands proudly in Man of Steel
Image via Warner Bros.

The struggling DCEU officially launched in 2013 with the release Zack Snyder‘S Man of Steel. Henry Cavill starring as The Last Son of Krypton, with Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shanon as General Zod. In the film, Superman must embrace his powers and defend Earth from Zod, who has just been released from the Phantom Zone.

Man of Steel was and remains a deeply divisive film. While many celebrate Snyder’s grounded approach, others lament his portrayal of Superman as an overly stoic character who seems more godlike than hero. Still, Man of Steel is an incredibly bold take, conjuring up some interesting ideas about human nature and heroism that would become pivotal to the superhero genre throughout the 2010s.

1 ‘Snow Piercer’

Promotional image featuring characters from 'Snowpiercer' (2013)
Image via CJ Entertainment

Chris Evans incoming star Bong Joon Ho’post-apocalyptic action film Snow awl. Set on the world-traveling train carrying the last remnants of humanity, Snow awl follows a rebellion by lower class commuters against the railroad’s ruling elite.

Like most Bong movies, Snow awl full of interesting insights and critiques on important socio-political issues plaguing the real world. Using a unique sci-fi setting to bring humanity to its lowest point, Snow awl is a thrilling dystopian exploration of the human instinct for survival and further confirmation that Bong is one of the best directors working.

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