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BTS Jimin “started drinking citron tea”… ‘Yuzu’ not ‘Yuja’

Based on his global popularity and influence, Jimin (BTS) shined a reputation as a K-pop idol representative of national prestige, promoting Korean culture to the world and causing positive changes.

The recent tvN entertainment program ‘Free Han 19’ introduced Korean products that are loved by people all over the world in various fields under the theme of ‘K-Power 19 in a world that only Koreans do not know’. Citron tea, which took second place, was introduced with the title of ‘K Citron Tea spread by Jimin of BTS’.

Last year, after Jimin posted on Weverse, the official fan community, “Start today by drinking citron tea,” fans around the world focused their attention on citron tea.

Then, the media said, “As Jimin shared his daily life of drinking citron tea in writing, fans around the world continued to search for ‘yuja tea’, the English word for citron tea, and as a result, interest in the keyword ‘yuja tea’ in Google search reached up to 100%.” The explosive reaction was described in detail.

In particular, certified photos of fans who purchased a product with the Korean word ‘Yuja’ written on it, as Jimin mentioned, rather than the Japanese word ‘Yuzu’, were shown on the air, saying, “BTS Jimin is famous for ‘Yuja’ rather than ‘Yuzu’. He also emphasized that he exerted a good influence that made him lose.

In addition to this, in the lyrics of the song ‘Christmas Love’, which Jimin gave to fans in 2020, ‘Sobok Sobok’ is a warm emotional word that can only be expressed in Hangeul, which has become a hot topic and shows overseas fans the excellence and beauty of Hangeul. propagated

In particular, India’s ED Times reported that “Korean singer Jimin is a favorite singer of most Korean students from various parts of India, from Delhi to Kerala,” as the reason why students at a foreign language university in India enroll in a Korean language course. It has been noted as a leading role in leading the learning craze.

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